Why would someone see a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapists work with people with a huge variety of struggles ranging from people who have low self esteem and would like to feel better about themselves to people who are really struggling to manage day to day life and are in a lot of emotional pain and distress. We all struggle with our emotional wellbeing at times and talking things through with a therapist can be a helpful and safe way of getting on a journey to feeling happier and more resilient again.

What do psychotherapists do?

We all experience stress and challenges as we move through life and psychotherapy can be useful in helping you to think about how your life effects you and how you respond to its challenges. This is important to know about because when we understand why we respond the way we do we can begin to choose healthier ways to respond to stress.

Will they just work with me?

Sometimes even when we try our best to make positive changes something in the world around us makes it impossible to make that leap. This is when psychotherapists will work closely with the people who are important in your life to help them make some adjustments too. Therapy is most successful when everyone understands the challenges and everyone is working together to make a change.

What happens if I don’t want to go?

No one is allowed to force you to see a therapist if you really don’t want to go. This is because therapy is a process where you will need to trust the therapist you are with and that won’t happen if you don’t really want to be there. But before you make that decision some times it can be helpful to go along to the first session to see if psychotherapy will be helpful to you and to see whether you would like to go back.

Where can I find out more about psychotherapy?

Where can I find a therapist?

Schools, colleges and children’s centres are often good places to start in finding some emotional support. Find a professional who you feel comfortable with and explain that you would like to speak to a therapist.
Sometimes the thought of speaking to someone face to face about your struggles can be difficult and you may prefer to speak over the phone, text or email someone who may be able to help. MINDMATE has a great selection of self help tools, videos and links to support agencies which may help in your search.

What if I don’t feel I can keep myself or others safe?

If you are feeling suicidal, in a crisis or feel like you can’t cope, speak to somebody straight away. This could be a parent / carer or professional such as a GP. If you can’t get a GP’s appointment you can also go straight to A&E.

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